A BIG CONGRATULATIONS  to our amazing KungFu team who represented Canada at the recent World KungFu Championships that took place in Emei Shan, China. Led by Master Sunny Tang they achieved incredible results along with the rest of the Canadian National Team delegation. Here are the results from our Sunny Tang members.  See full results at www.wushucanada.com

Women’s Group C Other Types of Traditional Styles
Sincere Sin-Sze Ip – 8.75 – Bronze Achievement Award
Kimberly Danielle Jordan – 8.61 – Bronze Achievement Award

Men’s Group D Wing Chun Quan
Stephan William Alexander – 8.91 – Gold Achievement Award
Henry Ging – 8.85 – Silver Achievement Award
Ivo Guillermo Gonzalez – 8.81 – Silver Achievement Award
Warren Holt – 8.77 – Bronze Achievement Award
Desmond Mark Lee – 8.72

Men’s Group C Wing Chun Quan
Daryl Whei Chin – 8.71 – Silver Achievement Award

Women’s Group C Other Traditional Single Weapon
Sincere Sin-Sze Ip – 8.66 – Bronze Achievement Award
Kimberly Danielle Jordan – 8.26

Men’s Group D Other Traditional Double Weapon
Stephan William Alexander – 8.78 – Silver Achievement Award

Men’s Group C Nan Gun(Southern staff/Cudgel)
Daryl Whei Chin – 8.79 – Bronze Achievement Award

Men’s Group D Nan Gun(Southern staff/Cudgel)
Henry Ging – 8.86 – Gold Achievement Award
Ivo Guillermo Gonzalez – 8.83 – Silver Achievement Award
Desmond Mark Lee – 8.80 – Bronze Achievement Award

Single Type Weapon Group Routine
Canada – 8.74 – Bronze Achievement Award