Dear Parents/Students,


We introduce you to our new Student Online Membership Achievement Portal. Members will be provided access to information and resources that will be highly beneficial towards athlete training and scheduling.

  • Club and personal training schedule / Daily focus and coaches at locations
  • Know Your Curriculum – Requirements for Each Level
  • Know your Curriculum Status – Student Achievements and Levels
  • Goal Setting – work with your coaches and parents to meet and reach your unique training goals
  • Conveniently Sign-up for Monthly Evaluations/Grading Opportunities
  • Stay Informed for Special Events and Activities that may involve you and/or your children
  • Learn about our Recreational Athlete Pathway and Progression
  • Learn about our High-Performance Athlete Pathway and Progression
  • Keep Track of Your Attendance and Membership Expiration Profile Online

-All parents are required to make a LOGIN Account to attach the profile for their children who are too young to make one of their own;
-Mature members are to make their own LOGIN Account and attach their own personal profile into the system.
-Please complete this as right away and if you require assistance let us know and we can do it on the spot while you are at the school.

We wish you the best in your training and are excited to offer this benefit to our members as part of our commitment to WushuCanada and quality programming.

Thank you,
Sunny Tang Martial Arts Family