Dear all students and parents,

Please feel free to join in the excitement of our dragon and lion performances at the annual Santa Claus Parades. If you would like to participate in this spiritual event, please speak to Sifu Alan to arrange for transportation.

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

Location: City of Bradford

Parade start location: Bradford & District High School

Meetup location: Scarborough or Mississauga club

Meetup time: 3:15pm

Parade start time: 6:30pm

Sunday, November 17th, 2019

Location: City of Toronto (Downtown)

Parade start location: Bloor St. E & Parliament St.

Meetup location: Option 1) Scarborough or Mississauga club

Meetup Time: 9:30am

Option 2) Travel by Bloor subway line to Castle Frank station and look for the dragon parade float

Meetup Time: 11:30am

Parade start time: 12:30pm


All regular classes will resume as normal.

Team members and students who attend this event: Please dress warmly and wear gloves/mitts.

Remember to contact Sifu Alan to confirm attendance.

Thanks and regards,

The Sunny Tang Family