Hello Everyone,

We have a few things to update you on.

First, all Sunny Tang and Pulse Academy classes are cancelled on Monday, October 12th for Thanksgiving Holiday. We are only closing the school on Monday but are still open on the weekend for Saturday and Sunday classes. Classes will resume on Tuesday, October 13th.

Second, with the changing weather we want our students to stay warm and dry and are making a slight change to our COVID safety protocol regarding clothing.
Students may wear jackets and outdoor shoes to enter the club.
Students must still come to class in full uniform but they will carry their training shoes with them and change into their training shoes once in the club.
Each student, one at a time, will put their jackets into a cubby. No crowding around these areas will be allowed.

Finally, we will be begin evaluations again! Our first evaluation will be at the end of October.
we will post COVID protocol for evaluations soon.

Thank you!
Sunny Tang and Pulse Academy Staff!