Dear students and parents,

We are happy to announce that we will have our next grading on Saturday, December 4th at both our Scarborough and Mississauga location.

For students to grade they will need to have earned a black stripe on their belt and will need to sign-up.
Students in Scarborough can sign-up with the on-line the Spark system. Students in Mississauag will sign-up either on the online Spark system or will speak to instructors about sign-up.

Scarborough grading will take place at 10:30am. All classes in Scarborough will be canceled for the day
In Mississauga only the Tiny Tiger and Pulse Intro classes will be canceled, and grading will take place from 9:30am till 10:30am.

Our COVID safety guidelines are still in effect and expected to be followed for everyones benefit.

All students must arrive in full and proper uniform. They must wear either the taekwondo dobak or the black wushu uniform. Both uniforms must have the properly tied belt. No club t-shirts are allowed.

We’re looking forward to an enjoyable event,
Pulse Performance Complex,
Home to Sunny Tang Martial Arts