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Professional Training Programs
Designed With Our Students In Mind

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The Art of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu

Traditional Wing Chun Kung-Fu is taught by Grand Master Sunny Tang, who is a disciple of Yip Man. This programming is tailored for adults who want to learn self defence. Wing Chun teaches discipline and is well known for its simple, yet effective, close-range combat movements.

Adult & Teen High Intensity Program

Programming for improving personal fitness through the sport of Wushu. The adult and teen specified training curriculum focuses on developing fundamental and technical skills, as well as broadening cultural awareness. Through this program, members will be able to achieve their personal goals and learn an exciting new sport.

Martial Arts for Kids

Programming for kids fitness, self defence, weaponry, acrobatics and martial arts choreography. An early start is shown to be beneficial to leading a healthy, active life, as seen in the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. So, for children under the age of 12, this program is designed to teach fundamental movement skills and improve self-confidence.

ActionStar After School Kids Program

Offered at our Mississauga location, ActionStar After School is an invigorating children’s movie action program. This fun and educational program is the perfect creative outlet for all children. They will be able to reach their full potential, physically and mentally, through a series of martial art themed activities.


Personal training sessions are available upon request for self-development, coaching certification, film and television preparation and high-performance competition.


Wushu By Storm is a team of high performance martial arts athletes who compete on behalf of WushuCanada and the Canadian National Team.
“Like a full action movie, pure excitement, powerful, precise…”
Martin Short – Canada’s Got Talent