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    Introduction martial arts programs for beginners provide an insight to fundamental movement skills, striking, kicking, combinations, self-defense skills and physical development.  Participants will be provided a well rounded curriculum from Wushu, KungFu, Sanda and Taekwondo. Begin with a complimentary trial pass to partake in a lesson for your family.

    Our unique introduction classes are separated for Children, Teens/Adults and Toddlers as we recognize the importance to age appropriate skill development and learning.  Upon completion of our introduction martial arts training, participants are then guided into specified training into one of our many focused core programs. Each with its unique style and training approach towards Self-Defense, Forms, Weaponry, Performance and Competition.  Experience our elite programs options: High Intensity Wushu, Wing Chun KungFu, Sanda Sport Combat or Taekwondo.

    Experienced or mature participants are welcome to register directly into our core programs upon recommendation by our coaching staff.
    Commitment – Focus – Discipline – Achievement – Personal Improvement