The Art of

Ving Tsun Kung-Fu

Self-Defense – Endurance – Balance – Coordination

Wing Chun, a martial art created by a woman, Yim Wing Chun is designed to empower smaller individuals, including women, to overcome bigger and stronger opponents. Unlike other martial arts that rely on strength and speed, Wing Chun focuses on timing, positioning, and solid movements. Its purpose is to teach self-defense in real-life scenarios, emphasizing quick and efficient responses.

The practical self-defense system for adults. Ving Tsun is a Chinese Martial Arts style known for its simplicity and efficient movements.

Wing Chun is rooted in two theories and three principles, embodying the essence of traditional Chinese Kung-Fu. Passed down through generations, it has a rich history.

Grand Master Sunny Tang, a second-generation Disciple of Yip Man (Bruce Lee’s teacher), introduced Wing Chun to Canada.

Training is based on fundamental principles, considering human limitations, positions, and effective techniques. It requires concentration, understanding, and discipline. Classes are open to all levels, fostering skill development through paired training. In 1996, the spelling “Ving Tsun” was adopted as a tribute to Grand Master Moy Yat and our Kung Fu lineage.

(Recommended for practitioners aged 14 and above)

Wing Chun’s origins trace back to Yim Wing Chun, who learned the art from Ng Mui, a monk. Yim Wing Chun used her newly acquired skills to defend herself against a bully and later passed down the art to her husband. Since then, Wing Chun has been perpetrating through lineages, with a special emphasis on empowering women to protect themselves. By harnessing the principles of Wing Chun, individuals, particularly women, can develop confidence, strength, and the ability to overcome larger opponents.

Ving Tsun operates on three areas of understanding: Theories, Principles, and Idioms.

Straight line Theory:
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In Ving Tsun, a straight-line attack, given enough power, reaches the target first and nullifies the opponent’s movements. Offensive attacks follow the straight line for direct targeting.

Centre line Theory:
The centre line is the vertical division that bisects the body. Attacking and defending along the centre line provides the most advantageous position. Attacks originating from the centre line serve as protection while occupying it. Hand and foot techniques can both target the centre line, which is singular in Ving Tsun.

Principles focus on practicality, efficiency, and economy of movement, aiming to save time, movement, and energy.

Ving Tsun idioms aid in applying theories and principles effectively. For example, “Face the shape” emphasizes aligning the center line attack with the target. In combat, practitioners follow and face their target like a shadow. The idioms have both physical and psychological meanings, encouraging practitioners to treat opponents as shapes to boost confidence and application of Ving Tsun, disregarding their size or emotions.

  • Balance
  • Timing
  • Co-ordination
  • Orientation
  • Relaxation


Grand Master Sunny Tang

Training schedules are unique to all members. We require a commitment of at least 2 classes per week for children, while adults cater to their own time availability.  Like most achievements in life, the more commitment and dedication, the better the results.  We conveniently operate classes 7 days a week, the rest is up to you!

Classes begin at 5pm on weekdays and on weekends at about 9:30am.  Maturity levels, age groups  and program type dictate the class times that are right for you.  Feel free to contact us to book a time to drop in and view or partake in a trial class, it is absolutely the best way to find out if our school is right for you.  Our full schedule is available for download under the membership section.

Private individual or group lessons are available.  The benefits of personal training allows our coach to  fully analyze and point out strengths and weaknesses and provide more effective instruction to enhance training for quicker improvement.  Personal training is recommended for specific goals, whether for evaluation preparation, competition or for entertainment industry performers preparing for unique and specialized acts.  Specific fight choreography, weaponry training and stunt training is available through our program director and action choreographer Alan Tang who has over 20 years of experience in the film and television industry.

Membership at our centre begins as early as 3 years old, however it is always best to book a trial class for students first to ensure proper programming.  Beginner levels are assigned based on maturity of the participants and specifically taught to motivate and promote proper long term development.  A student is easily assessed by our coaching staff and the only criteria to membership is the students willingness to actively participate.

We offer competition for our students in both recreational and competitive levels.  Competitions and evaluations are a great way to motivate and to set goals for members.  Classes and curriculum are designed to set targets for each person in order to improve their abilities both physically and mentally.  High performance training is specific to those vying for provincial or national level competition events.

Booking a trial class is simple.  Just call us to arrange a class in the appropriate program and maturity level.  We host a variety of programs 7 days a week to cater to your busy schedules. Direct bookings 416-801-5614.

Family and friends are always welcome at the centre.  Whether to view or to participate in a trial class students are encouraged to share their experiences at Sunny Tang Martial Arts.  Unique parent program rates along with sibling and multi-member discounts are available.