Welcome to our Wushu KungFu program for Martial Arts in Markham

Our programming for Martial Arts in Markham will be offered at the prestigious Markham Pan Am Centre in Multi-Purpose Rooms 1 and 2. You will be able to register in our introduction courses for beginners which offer an overview in movement skills, forms, striking, kicking, self-defense and physical development.  Participants will be provided a well rounded curriculum in the Martial Arts with fundamentals from Wushu, KungFu, Sanda and Taekwondo. Begin with a complimentary trial pass to partake in a lesson for your family.

Program Completion Time

Estimated completion of the introduction program is 60 classes for Children/Adults and Tiny Tigers. Once the introduction program is completed, students will be encouraged to further their development to a higher level at one of our main locations or different time slot. Discover the uniqueness to our program for Martial Arts in Markham and enlighten your experience in learning.

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    Wushu KungFu Martial Arts in Markham FAQ

    Still not sure? Check through some frequently asked questions and then book a class to try out!

    Sunny Tang martial arts is a place for all family members. We have programs for kids as young as 3 years old and as well programs for parents and adults of all ages.  Our programs are gender mutual and there are both girls, boys, men and women who participate.

    Payment for membership can be made via cash, debit, cheque or credit card.

    Our kids programs require a minimum commitment of 2 classes per week.  However, the more often you attend the better quality of learning you will experience. Martial arts is a commitment based lifestyle, you get what you put in, it is hard work!  Adults participate in open membership, which allow them access to any of our programs 7 days a week.

    Siblings and groups joining together get special multi-member discounts.  2 members 10% and 3 or more members 20%.  This is added on top of multi-session discounts that are available as well.  For parents we have a great parent program special which translates to $350.00 per year as long as your child in enrolled.

    Fee Structure

    Class credits are purchased online packaged to a set number of classes and may be used anytime. To visit the payment page click the link here! 

    $25.00/class for 12 credits = $300.00 plus hst = $339.00
    $20.00/class for 24 credits = $480.00 plus hst = $542.40
    $18.00/class for 36 credits = $648.00 plus hst = $732.24

    Uniform $80.00 plus hst and is required for all new students = $90.40

    First 20 participants will receive a one-time $50.00 credit to their account!

    Existing students from our locations who refer a friend to the program will receive an additional $50.00 credit to their membership.

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