“Wing Chun”—The most practical self-defense system for adults, is in fact the name of it’s founder “Yim Wing Chun”.   The more recognizable and phonetically correct spelling of the martial art, is based on its Cantonese language origins in southern China.  There is only a singular recognition of “Wing Chun” in the Chinese dialect 詠春 both in writing and pronunciation.  However, throughout the world you will see several versions of the western writing of the words 詠春 such as; Wing Chun, Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun, Ving Chun or similar.   Grand Master Ip Man is the founding father of the martial art recognized around the world, thereafter each version identifies a unique lineage of Grand Master in which the martial art has been passed down through the generations.  The Sunny Tang Wing Chun family is associated through the teachings of Grand Master Moy Yat.

In 1996 as tribute to the now late Grand Master Moy Yat, the spelling of Ving Tsun as opposed to the more traditional “Wing Chun” was incorporated by our schools as recognition to the lineage of our Kung Fu Family.

Grand Master Sunny Tang is a 2nd generation Disciple of Ip Man (Bruce Lee’s teacher), and one of the first to bring Wing Chun to Canada.